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Replacing a Broken Tooth with Dental Implants in Dieppe

A tooth may need to be taken out and replaced with a dental implant if the damage is severe. Usually, fillings or crowns are used to repair fractured teeth. Fortunately, a beautiful, almost permanent, and safe answer to broken or missing teeth is dental implants. If you are in need of implant dentistry in Dieppe, head to this page. 

When is a tooth removal required?

When a tooth is very decayed and weak, aside from when it has been injured, one may get broken teeth. Our teeth can withstand a lot of abrasions, but they cannot sustain damage, just like every other bone in our bodies. The most frequent causes of fractured teeth include trauma to the face or mouth, grinding, poor dental hygiene, biting down on anything hard, or using your teeth as “tools,” such as when opening a bottle or can. Fillings, crowns, bonding, and veneers are possible treatments for small chips or cracks. But serious damage can necessitate tooth removal.

Deeply cracked or broken teeth can allow germs to enter and infect the dental pulp, which can subsequently spread to other parts of the mouth, like the cheek or gum. It is typically required to extract the tooth if it fractures at the gum line. Even though the tooth’s visible portion is missing, the tooth’s root is still present and vulnerable to infection, making it challenging to repair. Often, removing the root and implanting it is the healthiest option.

The most common form of treatment for people with advanced gum disease is extraction. Gum deterioration and tooth loss brought on by periodontal disease may require extraction of the teeth. 

Dental implants: a solution

For fractured teeth that cannot be fixed by traditional dental procedures, dental implants offer a practically permanent and natural-looking solution. The tooth may still be fractured even after bonding or crowning attempts, in which case the crown will fall off since the tooth won’t support it. Tooth extraction may be required after other dental procedures have failed. Dental implants are the perfect replacement in these circumstances.

Final thoughts:

Your dental history and general oral and physical health will be evaluated when you make an appointment. Depending on your circumstances, you could need a bone graft to rebuild your jaw bone so that it can support the dental implant, while other individuals might be eligible for dental implants right away.