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Leftover Pizza Recipes

Are searching for that quickest pizza recipe, the simplest pizza recipe, and also the best tasting pizza recipe? Your search is over then last night’s leftovers.

You heard right. Individuals containers of lately munched on Chinese food, that uneaten slab of beef individuals leftover stir fry veggies or even the vodka sauce from last night’s pasta all can assist you to harness the strength of the pizza gods and give with you an awesome tasting, unique pizza.

Not offered on making use of leftovers to create pizza? An additional benefit of creating “leftovers” pizza is it simplifies the pizza making process allowing pizza to consider its rightful place because the mid-week, in the evening, after grad-school, following the gym dinner it had become supposed to have been.

Prior to going all willy-nilly-mad-researcher in your pizza, you may think about the following:

o Don’t overtop your pizza

Imagine, for a moment, what the foot of your oven may be like caked with pizza toppings. Or worse, the way your pants or shirt will appear stained with pizza sauce. Despite my own beliefs, pizza stained clothes never impress approximately I’m told. So make sure to make use of an appropriate quantity of toppings. Which applies to calzones too, which have a tendency to leak if overstuffed.

o Don’t mix flavors that taste bad together

Braunsweiger and peanut butter or what about sweet and sour chicken and refried beans? Unless of course you’re under attack by mid-pregnancy flavor cravings,it’s easier to stick to the taste pairings that you know and love.

o Avoid wet saturated leftovers if at all possible

Although this may appear like a smart choice, cold products can fool you. A mildly moist item may leak fluid when heated.