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How to Tell if Your Canine is Impacted in Wilmington

In case you aren’t already aware of this, maxillary canines are important for dental health, and beauty and play a huge role in our day-to-day lives. However, it’s important that it is properly aligned, as it protects other teeth from wear and damage, guides mouth posture, and molds the face. When dealing with an injured dog, rapid attention is required. Learn from a dentist in Northwest Albuquerque how to recognize and treat impacted canines for improved dental health and facial beauty.

What is an impacted canine, and what causes it?

So you must be wondering what exactly an impacted tooth is.

When a tooth becomes impacted, it is unable to erupt normally through the gum. Upper eyeteeth (maxillary canines) and wisdom teeth are frequently affected. 

In regards to what causes this, it is either a lack of jaw space or genetically big teeth. It is critical not to neglect impacted teeth and to get treatment to avoid consequences.

What are the signs you need to look out for?

If you are worried about missing out on the symptoms, you should watch out for swelling, redness, bleeding in the affected area, pain while opening your mouth or eating, headaches, jaw aches, a gap in the gum where the tooth should be, foul breath, and a bad taste in the mouth, as they are all symptoms of an impacted canine. If you have any of these symptoms mentioned above, you should see your dentist right away in Wilmington.

In case you feel ignoring it will make it go away, that’s not true. 

The fact remains that ignoring impacted teeth might lead to major complications. It could be that the impacted canine is not causing any discomfort, but it can create hygiene issues, decay, cavities, infection, and gum disease. 

What is more concerning is that impacted teeth can also cause damage to neighboring teeth, causing misalignment and the formation of cysts that harm the roots and bone. 

Final thoughts:

In this blog, we have looked at the reasons that can lead to problems with the canine and the symptoms that you can keep an eye out for. However, apart from what has already been mentioned, there could be some other underlying causes. This is why it is important to get an evaluation done by a professional dentist near you whenever you feel any kind of discomfort. Early detection of the disease through adequate dental care prevents more serious and unpleasant consequences in the future.