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Explain The Primary Advantages of FUT+FUE+BHT Combine Method

Since a few years ago, the hair transplant industry has grown exponentially, giving millions of individuals the chance to have hair grow on their bald spots, boosting their confidence. The benefits of this technique, which provide a very natural-looking resolution to your hair loss issue, are ultimate permanent. 

The method has been successful due to advancements in the industry, enticing those who are experiencing hair loss to benefit from this medical science innovation. By transplanting hair follicular grafts obtained from your own body, hair transplant is a less invasive elective treatment. As there is now no method available that can bring back lost hair follicles, you shouldn’t mistake the procedure with that. 

Since the last few years, hair transplant in Jaipur has become increasingly popular as the quality of hair transplant treatments has significantly increased in the city and a select few recognized hair transplant clinics have been able to offer top-notch facilities that adhere to international standards. Because of the severe competition in this industry, the hair transplant cost in Jaipur has significantly decreased, luring both local and foreign patients to India as their top destination for hair transplant tourism. 

Hair transplant 

A hair transplant is an outpatient surgical treatment used to restore hair to balding areas of the scalp or of the face, including the eyebrows, beard, and moustache. Today, this technique is also chosen by patients who want to have a beautiful hairline for a more appealing appearance. 

Hair transplant techniques 

The following are 2 fundamental methods for carrying out a hair transplant: FUE and FUT hair transplants

The strip is harvested using the FUT procedure, and it is then further dissected to recover individual hair grafts. Then, with extra care given to creating the hairline, these individual hair transplants are carefully implanted at the recipient location. 

In FUE hair transplant, the procedure is performed using a punch device, hair grafts are removed from the donor location and immediately transplanted at the recipient site while the hairline is being designed. 

Body hair transplant 

The permanent hair roots are harvested from certain body parts where the hair grafts are taken from. The most popular locations are the back and sides of the head, however in certain situations, these areas may not have enough hair grafts; in these cases, other body regions may be offered as alternatives. When hair grafts are removed from areas of the body other than the scalp, the technique is known as a “Body hair transplant.” 

Combination technique of FUE +FUT + BHT

The goal of the FUE + FUT + BHT combo procedure was to provide the high density hair transplant that is so in demand today. The process allows for the harvesting of a significant amount of hair transplants—up to 4000 hair grafts. The FUT method is used to harvest the majority of the needed hair grafts, up to 3000–3500 hair grafts, while performing the combo procedure of FUE + FUT + BHT. After that, FUE is used to remove any remaining hair transplants from the body and scalp (BHT). The region beneath the chin, known as the “shadow area,” is where hair grafts are removed during BHT. 

The steps for conducting the FUT, FUE, and BHT combined procedure

This method is applied as follows:

  1. Both the donor and recipient sites receive local anesthetic
  2. Hair is harvested in the manner described below:

The majority of hair grafts are harvested using the FUT hair transplant procedure, and the remaining percentages are harvested using the FUE technique (BHT refers to harvesting the hair grafts from the body regions). The hair grafts are preferably removed from the area beneath the chin, also known as the shadow area, using a 0.75 mm punch surgical instrument, which assures nearly unnoticeable scarring. 

  1. At the recipient location, incisions are made to prepare the area where the hair grafts will be planted.
  2. The transplanting is meticulously carried out in accordance with the hairline design.
  3. Postoperative guidelines are explained
  4. Follow-up is completed

Significance of the FUT, FUE, and BHT combo procedure

This method is unquestionably a great invention for advanced situations because it may cover a lot of bald area in a single session. The following is an explanation of why choosing this process for your hair transplant is important:

  1. A higher hair transplant yield offers comfortable covering in large situations in a single session.
  2. Because BHT is used and the FUE hair transplant technique is used sparingly, there is a lower risk of harm to the hair grafts after the treatment.
  3. The FUE procedure allows for an increase in the distance between each hair transplant extracted in order to prevent scarring and subsequent healing of the donor region.
  4. Despite a larger output of hair transplants, a smaller area is needed, and the donor sites can be saved for subsequent sittings.

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