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Drug Withdrawal Symptoms and How Long Do They Last?

Drug abuse is like a time bomb. It slowly but inevitably manifests its harmful effects on the person. Even after quitting drugs, the person is not free from the harmful effects, which manifest themselves in the form of withdrawal symptoms in the individual. drug abuse, thus, must be taken very seriously. 

Individuals suffering from drug abuse must be viewed as victims of drugs. Drug abuse is a cry for help and instead of treating them like iconoclasts or heretics, they must receive help. Like many other diseases, drug abuse too can be treated. Only with the right care and expertise, can one successfully recover from drug abuse. 

Thus, it becomes imperative that the drug abuser is offered the required expertise and kindness so that the way of quitting drugs becomes somewhat less difficult. The best help to drug abusers is given by Detox to Rehab. One of the most asked questions is how long do withdrawals last. This also depends on the kind of treatment which is given. 

If treated correctly, the withdrawal symptoms would not last longer than usual, but if not delivered the right treatment, these symptoms may last a long time and may take the form of grave maladies. 

Duration of the withdrawal symptoms

The duration and the beginning of the withdrawal symptoms may vary from individual to individual. some of the factors on which it depends are the duration of drug consumption, the general health of the individual, the type of drug, etc. speaking broadly, the individual may experience the withdrawal symptoms within 2 to 4 days of the last administration. 

Withdrawal can be physically and mentally draining. These recurrent shockwaves are mostly painful but temporal. 


It takes very strong willpower to defeat the addiction to drugs and continue a normal life again. Many difficulties may arise but only he who faces them with a tight upper lip will be able to live a normal life again.