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Top Nine Interesting Facts about Feminized Seeds

Some growers are used to feminize cannabis seeds, but others, especially beginners, are confounded by them. Read on to know some facts about feminized cannabis seeds that may interest you.

  1. Cannabis was not the first plant whose seeds were feminized. Farmers have been using the technique for many years. But cannabis seeds were first feminized in the 1980s.


  1. Feminized cannabis seeds can be created using various methods, but all involve making a female plant become hermaphroditic and producing pollen by stressing it. This plant then fertilizes another female plant.

  1. When feminized cannabis seeds were introduced into the market initially, some growers felt that they would grow into unstable hermaphrodites. However, their concerns turned baseless, and with continuous advancements in feminization techniques, this has become a very rare problem.


  1. Feminized cannabis seeds grow into feminized plants. They are not female plants. But some people still term them as ‘female seeds.’ But since feminized plants are also expected to grow and flower-like females, they are also referred to as female plants.

  1. Compared to regular cannabis seeds, the feminized version was far more expensive when it first arrived in the market for sale. But at present, there is a wide variety of high-quality, affordable feminized seeds which growers can choose from according to their budget.


  1. Feminized cannabis seeds do not need any special equipment, techniques, or different nutrients. They can grow just like regular cannabis seeds.


  1. These seeds do not require any special storage conditions either. All you need is to keep them in the dark, perfectly dry place at a temperature of 5-7 degrees Celsius. A refrigerator door is one of the best places for them.


  1. All kinds of growers can benefit from feminized cannabis seeds. It spares them the tedious task of looking for male plants and weeding them out. But they are really helpful for people who grow their medicinal cannabis.

  1. Some people wrongly believe that feminized cannabis seeds are genetically engineered. Selective breeding processes are required to produce genetically modified seeds.

‘Genetically modified’ would be the correct term for cannabis hybrids like Skunk #1 and others. However, when the DNA of one species is directly infused with another’s DNA – like fish genes with potatoes that is called genetic engineering.


Cannabis users are more inclined towards using the female aspect of the plant. The reason is that female cannabis plants contain greater concentrations of cannabinoid THC. To avoid pollination, cannabis growers separate male and female cannabis plants to protect the females.

Feminized seeds have been very popular among consumers since their inception, and their popularity has only increased with time. After all, these seeds provide more ‘kick’ as compared to their male counterparts.

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