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5 Reasons to Consider Restorative Dentistry

Are you not confident in your smile? Has your tooth been broken, chipped, or knocked out? Are you experiencing an increase in cavities or teeth discoloration? 

If that is the case, you should consider speaking to a dentist in Bethesda, MD, about restorative dentistry. Restorative dentistry is a comprehensive dental treatment that uses tooth-colored crowns, veneers, or bridges to restore health and function to damaged teeth.

Although it is not for everyone, restorative dentistry can help you achieve the smile you’ve always wanted.

Here are 5 reasons to consider restorative dentistry.

  • To enhance your smile

If you’re unhappy with your smile, restorative dentistry can help make your smile beautiful once again. There are many issues that can affect the appearance of your smile, including tooth misalignment, decay, or discoloration. With restorative dentistry, you will get solution to all your problems and thus, gives you a more attractive smile.

  • To fill in unattractive spaces between teeth

One of the issues many people face is the space between their teeth. Sometimes, teeth just don’t grow straight, leading to gaps in your smile. People with space between their teeth find themselves unattractive. Fortunately, restorative dentistry can fill these gaps, creating a more appealing and functional smile that you’ll be able to show off proudly.

  • To correct or improve your bite

Something as simple as a small shift in the bite can cause issues with your teeth or jaw, causing serious problems for your health and functioning. If you don’t have the right bite, the teeth and bone can shift in the wrong direction, causing decay or painful conditions. A little misalignment of the jaw can lead to serious problems.

  • To restore normal eating and speech abilities

The appearance and function of your mouth are important. If you’re missing teeth, there will be issues when you’re eating or speaking. Restorative dentistry can correct these problems automatically by creating customized restoration. 

  • To maintain oral health

Missing teeth can create a gap that invites bacteria and plaque to grow. Additionally, because of the lack of support, the remaining teeth can become crooked or misaligned. A missing tooth is not just an aesthetic issue. It’s a functional one as well. To ensure you maintain good oral health, a dentist can fill in the spaces created by missing teeth with dental restorations that look natural and feel comfortable.