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Tips To Choose Indoor Cannabis Grow Lights

LED Grow Lights

Super popular with cannabis growers, LED grow lights are an alternative to HPS grow lights.

  • Pros
    • Come with an in-built cooling.
    • They are cooler than other types of lights.
    • Are easiest to set up – it can be fixed into the wall with a plug and hung over plants.
    • Much easier to set up than an HID grow light.
    • Have intense penetration and do not need to be moved often like the fluorescent ones.
    • Unlike the HID lights, the built-in cooling system pushes warmth upwards and away from the cannabis plants, which make the heat travel downward and need a separate cooling system.
    • Many growers do not need an additional cooling system to vent out heat from the growing area as the LEDs are quite cool.
    • The smaller size LEDs can be plugged directly into the wall and hung up over your plant without needing to do anything else. You can just plug them in and start growing!
    • It is believed that LEDs produce buds that are richer in resinous trichomes.
    • When combined with HPS grow lights, LEDs produce a fantastic, high-quality yield.

  • Cons
    • Although they are much cooler than an HPS bulb of similar wattage, they produce a bit of heat.
    • Bigger LEDs that are more than 300 watts might need an exhaust fan to vent out the extra warmth in the growing area.
    • Contrary to popular opinion, LEDs lead to a slightly smaller yield per watt when compared to HPS grow lights on average.
    • The common yield with LED is around 0.5g/watt, but some growers get more yields than others.
    • As there are no standards to follow with LED yet, each LED lamp is different. This needs more observation and trial and error.
    • The LED grow lamps might need quite a lot of distance from the light and the cannabis plants. You would need a taller grow space. This can be a constraint for many growers like me who have a lower ceiling.
    • If not kept at 18 inches or more apart from the cannabis plant during the latter half of the flowering period, the LED lamp might lead to a light burn. Light burn can happen even when the warmth is not that much.
    • Some bigger LED lamps might need to be kept at a distance of 30 inches or more from the buds. The manufacturer might be able to guide you with the correct distance.

Final Thoughts

Now that you have information about the common grow lights used for marijuana cultivation, you can go for those that suit you.

  • Contrary to popular opinion, lights used in homes are not that great for growing marijuana plants.
  • The reason is that those lights are designed to support human eyes and do not penetrate well enough in a marijuana plant.
  • Therefore it is important to provide your plant with grow lights that will allow them to thrive and bloom their best.
  • In addition to light, temperature, soil, nutrition, and humidity play an important role in producing the yield of your dreams.
  • You should also choose a seed that would allow you to grow the best harvest per the effect you seek.
  • If you are still wondering what strain would be best for you, please consider the cinderella99 fast version strain from the popular online seed bank i49.
  • This compact, the short marijuana plant is the perfect choice for new growers looking to harvest wondrous buds in a short period. It also gives a happy high that would allow you to be relaxed and focused at the same time.

I hope this article will make choosing grow lights a breeze for you. Have a great harvest. Strive for the best in cannabis growing.