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The Best Ways to Reduce Diastolic Blood Pressure 

You may be able to reduce the value of your diastolic blood pressure by taking medication, making dietary changes, avoiding hazardous drugs, working out, and obtaining enough sleep if it is too high. 

If you wonder how to lower bottom number of blood pressure, read on. 

  • Avoid processed foods, sugar, and sodium 

Your blood pressure can be lowered and your chance of having high blood pressure is reduced by concentrating on a healthy diet. Restrict red meat, salt, sugar, trans and saturated fats, as well as processed meals. Instead, concentrate on how to lower bottom number of blood pressure by consuming heart-healthy meals like whole grains, vegetables, fruits, and chicken without skin, nuts, and fish. 

  • Reduce or abstain from caffeine 

Generally speaking, caffeine does not raise blood pressure. Caffeine should be consumed in moderation, particularly if you suffer from high blood pressure. If you like caffeine but want to know how to lower bottom number of blood pressure, do not intake more than 300 milligrams. 

  • Try a low-intensity workout

According to one research, physical activity can reduce blood pressure by 5 and 8 points. Additionally, adding weight training and aerobic activity to your program has been shown to reduce blood pressure, particularly in males. Try water aerobics, riding, or walking. 

  • Have a restful night’s sleep 

Sound sleep is crucial since regular sleep naturally lowers blood pressure. If you have sleep problems or stay up all night, your blood pressure will be higher for a longer period. 

  • Keep a healthy weight 

Obesity or being overweight raises your chances of developing hypertension. Your blood pressure can be lowered by losing as much as ten pounds if you know how to lower bottom number of blood pressure

  • Get rid of unhealthy behavior 

Similar to coffee, smoking may temporarily lower your blood pressure. Your chance of developing heart disorders including heart attacks and stroke is lower if you stop smoking. 

  • Control stress 

It raises blood pressure. However, relaxing brings down stress levels. It can be beneficial to discover ways how to lower bottom number of blood pressure to relieve stress. 

When can diastolic blood pressure be reduced? 

Your diastolic blood pressure may drop in a few hours as a result of a hot bath, relaxation, and deep breathing exercises. You could see improvements right away or within a few days if you combine exercise, good sleep, and a nutritious diet. It could take a couple of weeks for medication and lifestyle modifications to start working. 

To conclude 

Through calm, sound sleep, and a short-term reduction in your intake of coffee and processed foods, you can drop your blood pressure. If you have a tradition of heart disease or hypertension in your family, it’s crucial to monitor your blood pressure regularly.