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Questions To Ask Your Plastic Surgeon Before Surgery 

You have done your research and decided that you want a plastic surgery procedure to achieve your goals. The next thing on your list should be a consultation with a plastic surgeon. Just like you won’t buy the first house you see, you should not settle on a surgeon or procedure without exploring the other options first. An initial consultation allows you to do that.

There are several things to consider before making such an important decision, such as the surgeon’s skills, experience, and credentials. Additionally, make sure your prospective plastic surgeon in San Diego makes you feel comfortable and welcomes these questions. If they are hesitant to answer, it is a red flag. 

Questions to ask your plastic surgeon before surgery 

  • What professional qualifications do you have?

The first thing you must ask a plastic surgeon is about their qualifications. Do not be shy about it or think that the other person is going to find it rude. You are trusting them to perform an invasive treatment on your body. You should know whether you can trust their skills. You can follow up with the certifying board or organization to confirm their qualifications. 

  • How many times have you done this procedure?

If you want to get breast reduction surgery, you should choose someone with at least a decade of experience performing the procedure on several patients. You do not want to be among the fifty patients they operate on. Many people do not ask this question out of embarrassment, but it is your right to do so. It is better to be embarrassed than to get a bad outcome. 

  • What procedure do you recommend for me?

You may have done your homework and decided on a particular procedure. However, it is best to consult an expert first to explore other options. Who knows, you might find something that works out better for your needs and within your budget as well. Your doctor will know the best course of action for you, but you have the power to make the final decision. Choose wisely because the wrong decision can be heartbreaking. 

  • Where will my procedure be performed?

Another important thing to ask is where your procedure will be performed. Some surgeries are performed without the patient being admitted to the facility, mostly because they are quick. However, some may require you to get admitted. If your doctor says you need to get admitted for your procedure, make sure to ask if the facility is surgically accredited.