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Effective Ways to Prevent Breast Cancer

According to the World Health Organization, breast cancer is currently the most frequent type of cancer worldwide (WHO). Moreover, it is the most frequent cancer in Indian women. While there is no way to completely avoid breast cancer, there are certain things you may do to reduce your risk.

A healthy lifestyle, in addition to frequent screening, can help keep cancer at bay. Diet and exercise, for example, can influence your chance of obtaining breast cancer or other chronic medical disorders.

Here are a list of few ways by working on which one can cut down the chances or even prevent Breast Cancer:

Maintain a healthy weight

Keep track of your weight by combining physical activity with a balanced diet. Obesity has been linked to an increased risk of breast cancer in women, particularly after menopause. Being fat or overweight leads the body to create more oestrogen, which raises the risk of some types of breast cancer


Getting regular exercise has been related to a lower chance of developing breast cancer. Exercise has been found in studies to reduce breast cancer incidence and aid breast cancer survivors to live longer. Healthy individuals should engage in 150 to 300 minutes of moderate-intensity or 75 to 150 minutes of high-intensity activity per week, or a combination of the two. Exercise also has numerous health benefits, including weight loss and increased physical and mental health.

Consume a nutritious, well-balanced diet:

Many major health issues, such as breast cancer and heart disease, can be prevented with good nutrition and frequent exercise. 

Consume a well-balanced diet that includes berries, peaches, apples, pears, citrus, cauliflower, broccoli, cabbage, and other leafy greens and a variety of nutrient-dense fruits and vegetables. Include high-fibre foods like whole grains, beans, and legumes in your diet to help prevent breast cancer from developing and progressing.

Eliminate Alcohol:

Alcohol, either should be completely avoided or consumed minimal amounts. 

However, it’s advised not to drink because even moderate amounts of alcohol have been linked to an increased risk of breast cancer.

Quit Smoking:

Smoking has been linked to a variety of malignancies, including breast cancer, according to numerous studies. Smoking has an impact on practically all of your body’s organs, including your lungs, heart, blood vessels, bones, and skin.

Obtain a screening:

Self-breast checks every month and annual mammograms can help discover cancer in its earlier stages when it is most curable. Make an appointment with your doctor, who will be able to provide you with a personalized screening programme based on your risk profile.

To sum it up, these were the methods using which you can minimize the risk of Breast Cancer.

If you notice any changes in your breast, such as a new lump, seek medical care. Making healthy lifestyle choices throughout your life may help lower your risk of breast cancer or increase your chances of survival if you already have it.

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