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ED Pills Impact People in Many Positive Ways

Erectile dysfunction, commonly referred to as ED for short, can be seen as an embarrassing problem for many people. However, it’s also more common than most realize – something that should give comfort to the millions of people, particularly older men, who deal with it every year.

According to one recent study, ED impacts almost 30 million people in just the United States – to say nothing of the tens of millions more from around the world. Common symptoms of ED include an inability to stay erect for a long enough period during sex to finish intercourse, an erection that is simply not “strong” enough to initiate sexual activity, or a general inability to get an erection at all, among others.

Thankfully, there is a way to combat this issue and see the results. ED pills have improved the sex life of a wide range of different people and the team at BlueChew wants to help it do the same for everyone.

The Benefits of ED Pills: Breaking Things Down

ED pills work so well due to the two common active ingredients that are found in them: Sildenafil and Tadalafil. These ingredients are clinically proven to be effective ways to treat ED in patients.

The key thing to understand here is that they inhibit the PDE-5 enzyme. At the same time, they’re boosting the impact of nitric oxide throughout someone’s body. Because nitric oxide is released naturally when sexual arousal happens, ED pills maximize this impact on the people who take them. They also relax the muscles both in and around the genital area, thus allowing the proper flow of blood to achieve and maintain an erection for the desired amount of time.

All this plays directly into what causes ED in men in the first place. Those who suffer from it are experiencing too much blood flow either into or out of the genital area during sexual intercourse. This directly impacts the amount of PDE-5 that the body generates during this period.

Ultimately, there are a wide range of different reasons why someone may suffer from ED. Pre-existing conditions and diseases could certainly play a role, as could a man’s age (how common ED is tends to increase as someone gets older), their weight and more. 

Buying ED Pills Online: A Guide

When it comes to selecting the best ED pills to meet one’s needs, there are several important things to keep in mind. First, consumers need to find the right provider – one that offers everything they need in the most convenient buying process possible. BlueChew, for example, offers ED pills that come in the form of chewable tablets. This makes them easy to consume for anyone – even people who may have trouble swallowing. BlueChew offers Sildenafil (which, it’s important to note, is the active ingredient in Viagra), Vardenafil (the active ingredient in Staxyn) and Tadalafil (which is the active ingredient in Cialis). They’re PDE-5 inhibitors, yes – but they do work in somewhat different ways. 

BlueChew’s Sildenafil and Vardenafil options stay in the body for up to six hours after consumption. Sildenafil is available in 30mg and 45mg options and Vardenafil is available in 8mg to choose from depending on need. They’re fast-acting and are great when someone is in the mood to have a fun evening.

Tadalafil, on the other hand, can stay in a person’s system for up to 36 hours. This is more of a viable option for someone who wants to have more than just a single fun evening and who wants to stretch the festivities out over an entire weekend. They’re available in 9mg and 6mg options.

Of course, as is true with all medications, ED pill options are not without their potential side effects. Some people who take them report instances of headaches, backaches, or flushed skin. In rare situations nasal congestion may also occur, as can an upset stomach.

In extremely rare situations, the erection that is achieved via the ED pills may not go away – this is something called priapism. Should this occur, it’s important to consult a licensed medical professional to take care of it.