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Are There Special Centrifuge Tubes Needed For Platelet Rich Plasma Extraction Process?

PRP or Platelet Rich Platelet is a trendy therapy used in medical and cosmetic practices. PRP therapy has proven to treat lots of issues associated with skin rejuvenation and wound healing in sports medicines. Nevertheless, the PRP therapy’s success depends a lot on the PRP extraction process and practice. Accessories and tools used like PRP tubes take the podium to get the correct platelet concentration necessary to prepare the PRP injections.

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Do you need special centrifuge tubes to extract PRP?

In general, a vacuum-sealed tube is sufficient to hold blood samples to extract platelet using a majority of centrifugation setups. There are several PRP tubes kind that is available and the kind you need to choose depends on the PRP kit or system. However, there are two tubes needed to extract pure and rich PRP solution.

1. Vacuum-sealed blood centrifuge tubes

In traditional PRP preparation, blood is drawn and placed in the centrifuge. Concentrated platelet is drawn with a syringe for PRP therapy. In this kind of method, vacuum-sealed blood centrifuge tubes without or with anticoagulant [sodium citrate] or PRP gel are needed. It lessens the contamination risk to the blood sample or the concentrated PRP solution you get after the centrifugation process is completed.

When you use these centrifuge tubes check if an anticoagulant is necessary because delays between collecting blood and the centrifugation process can cause clotting. Result of such delays can result in the extraction of poor plasma platelets, which can badly affect PRP therapy quality.

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2. Blood collection tubes

Some procedures need to add specific compounds [e.g. sodium citrate] manually before the centrifugation process. So, you will need extra blood collection tubes to avoid external contamination because blood is transferred between several tubes before it turns into PRP serum. Even ensure to have the right kind of transfer needle to lessen the risk.

The blood collection tubes help in a PRP therapy type called plasma-rich fibrin matrix treatment. A fibrin matrix is added and needs to work extra with a blood sample, so it is helpful to have extra blood collection tubes nearby.

Avoid compatibility issues between PRP kit and centrifuge

  • PRP centrifuge setups differ in spinning. Some use a single/double spin based on platelet count’s ultimate goals. So, check centrifuge tube ratings for speed because it is crucial to avoid blood sample damage. Tube size is not a problem but the high rotations are risky to the tubes.
  • Anticoagulants play a huge role in the viable platelet harvesting process. All the tubes are not rated for this kind of interaction. So, choose a PRP therapy provider with knowledge and experience of how the centrifuge and tube work and is there a need for anticoagulants in harvesting feasible platelets.

It is essential to look for a reliable PRP tube and centrifuge provider as well as professionals capable to have good experience and resources for an efficient PRP treatment.