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When You Cannot Avoid a Tooth Extraction in Scottsdale

No one would wish to have their tooth extracted for any reason. Indeed, tooth extraction is the main cause of dental anxiety among patients. However, the procedure is quite common, and you may need to undergo it at least once in your lifetime. 

Tooth extraction is quite safe and painless as long you get it done by a dentist for your family in Scottsdale. Your dentist will first determine if an extraction is necessary. If so, you should not put it off. Waiting longer can lead to more complications. Here’s why you should not avoid a tooth extraction when your dentist recommends it:

Stop Tooth Decay

If you have a decaying tooth, your mouth becomes prone to infection and bacterial buildup. This can lead to the development of an abscess, which is a pus pocket that causes pain and discomfort. If an abscess has developed, you can experience different symptoms such as facial swelling, aches that radiate throughout the neck, ear, and jawbone, as well as difficulty swallowing and breathing. To improve your symptoms, the abscessed tooth needs to be extracted.

Preserve Your Jawbones

Bone loss leads to teeth shifting and misalignment, usually caused by gum disease. Teeth misalignment and shifting can make it hard to chew, swallow, or bite down. When left unchecked, they will shift continuously and cause jawbone damage. If you sustain gum disease and choose not to get your affected tooth extracted, your jawbone can suffer from more damage. 

Eliminate a Cracked or Damaged Tooth

If you have a broken tooth, you can experience pain and discomfort. There are many ways your tooth can crack, such as when you bite down on crunchy or hard foods. Leaving a broken or cracked tooth unchecked allows for the entry of bacteria and infection into your body. A seriously damaged or cracked tooth can damage your gums, cheeks, and lips. Thus, extracting this tooth can help you avoid further issues.

Reduce Wisdom Tooth Pain

An impacted wisdom tooth can cause significant pain and discomfort to your gums and jaw. Avoiding extraction of your wisdom tooth can create lasting jawbone damage, infection, tooth misalignment, and chronic pain. Although it’s not fun to have your tooth extracted, it’s way better than dealing with constant pain every day. Your dentist can safely and effectively extract the impacted wisdom tooth and give you advice on how you can quickly recover from it.