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What Is the Most Common Neck Injury in a Car Accident?

A soft tissue injury is the most common type of neck injury sustained in a car accident. These injuries are sometimes called whiplash, neck strains, neck sprains, or neck sprains by doctors. These are injuries to the ligaments and tendons, muscles, as well as other tissues in the neck.

A doctor should be consulted immediately if you feel you may have suffered a neck injury from a collision. A Long Island car accident lawyer will file a lawsuit against the other driver to recover the cost of the initial medical exam and follow-up treatment.

Whiplash Symptoms & Prognosis

Whiplash can occur after many kinds of collisions, but it is most common after a back-end collision. Whiplash is caused by your head moving side to side or backward during a collision. Your head is free to move, even though your airbag, seat belt, and other safety devices hold you in place.

Your head can move beyond the normal range of motion of your neck. This can cause strain, sprain, and tears to your muscles, tendons, and ligaments as well as nerves and connective tissue of your neck, shoulders, and upper back.

Many structures and tissues that are involved in tissue and organs include:

  • The posterior cervical spine, and the related tissues
  • The anterior cervical spine, and related tissues
  • The trapezius muscles are located on the shoulders.

Whiplash is usually treated with very little in just a few weeks. Many people experience chronic pain in their necks and upper backs, ongoing headaches, memory problems, and fogginess, as well as limited motion for a prolonged period of the rest of their life.

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