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What Is Hospice Care, And When Should It Start? 

What Is Hospice Care?

Hospice care is the type of care given to a person suffering from an advanced, life-limiting illness. It provides gentle care and comfort to the people in the last moments of their incurable disease so that they may spend the last of their life comfortably and happily. This cure treats the person and not the condition. It attends to the spiritual and emotional needs of the person. Hospice care does not include any treatment to cure the illness; instead, it focuses on providing comfort and relieving their pain. 

When Is Hospice Care Provided?

You may seek hospice care if your doctor believes you have six or fewer months of life, the treatment isn’t working, and your medical condition is not improving. You may stay beyond that time if your doctor still believes you have a short time left to live. 

But, hospice care isn’t permanent. You can opt out of the care anytime and restart your treatment if you change your mind. Hospice care brings hope of a Quality life and making the best of each day left and living it to the fullest. Before searching “hospice care near me” on the internet, you must make sure whether you are eligible for it and you need it or not. 

Where And By Whom Is Hospice Care Provided?

Hospice care can be provided either in the person’s home or in a facility such as the nursing home or the hospital. Hospice care has an entire team of nurses, doctors, spiritual advisors, social workers, and volunteers. They all work together to provide the person with the comfort they need. We provide emotional, medical, or spiritual help to the person concerned. 

What Are The Different Levels Of Hospice Care?

Hospice Care Provides Care On Four Levels: 

  • Routine Home Care: This is the most common level of the hospice where care is taken by nursing or other services. 
  • Continuous Home Care: Here, on-going nursing care is taken at home. 
  • General Inpatient Care: Care taken for a short term for relieving pain and symptoms done at a hospital setting 
  • Respite Care: Care is taken in the hospice facility while the patient’s primary caregiver takes a break. 

What Are The Services That Hospice Care Provides?

Hospice care provides all sorts of services that relieve the person from the disease. 

The Usual Services Provided By Hospice Care Are: 

Care from a doctor and nurse with a 24-hour-on-call service. 

  • Supplies For Illness Such As Brace Or Walker
  • Medicines To Relieve Pain
  • Physical Or Speech Therapy
  • Spiritual Guidance
  • Nutritional Or Dietary Counseling
  • Short Term Inpatient Care
  • Short Term Respite Care
  • Counseling For You And Your Family

The Services Not Covered By Hospice Care Are:

  • Treatment to cure your terminal illness or any other illness 
  • Prescription or drugs to cure your terminal illness or any other illness 
  • Room in a nursing home or the hospice care facility
  • Care in an emergency room unless arranged by the hospice team or due to an unrelated condition.