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What Common Problems Arise After Having Dental Implants?

It has become widespread to have dental implants. Dental implants have been known to be one of the most promising solutions to lost or extracted teeth. Given dental implants’ high success rate and long-lasting life, most people do not research other options when replacing lost or extracted teeth. 

While dental implants may be the ideal choice, it has become likely for people to encounter common problems after getting implants. Issues such as infections, loose implants, or bleeding can be expected. 

You can deal with such problems more practically once you become familiar with them. Alternatively, you should contact a dentist for dentist in Lakeview, Chicago to better understand common issues after getting dental implants. 

Exploring common problems arising after getting dental implants: 

  • Loose implant

After the treatment, the implants tend to grow and attach to the jawbone. The process, known as osseointegration, can take up to several months. A common problem in such a situation is the implant becoming loose due to a weak jawbone. The implant can also become loose if the patient smokes or suffers from gum disease. 

  • Infection 

Infection can be a prevalent complication occurring after getting dental implants. People have been observed with inflammations at the site of implants in the mouth. Such inflammation can induce infections which can lead to pain and fever. It will be helpful for you to be in regular touch with your dentist after getting implants to ensure you suffer from minimal to zero infections. 

  • Nerve or tissue damage 

It can be likely that the implant will be in close proximity to the nerve. When the implant is too close to the nerve, nerve damage can occur. Nerve damage can range from numbness or pain in nerves and tissues. Unfortunately, the patient may experience such complications in the long term. 

  • Sinus problems 

When an implant protrudes or sticks to the sinus cavities, patients can experience inflammation of the sinuses. Such a problem commonly occurring after getting dental implants is known as sinusitis. Sinusitis can result in pain, a blocked nose, toothache, bad breath, or swelling around the cheeks. 

How should common problems after getting implants to be addressed? 

While implants can provide a permanent solution for missing and extracted teeth, it can be likely for dental problems to occur right after. If you encounter complications after getting dental implants, contact your dentist promptly. 

If you wait or delay after facing complications after getting dental implants, you may create room for additional dental issues. If you start experiencing loose implants or infection, you should ask your dentist to remove the implants or perform reimplantation.