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Understand Why Partial Dentures are the Perfect Solution for Missing Teeth

Missing teeth may create several problems such as difficulty in eating, chewing, speaking, and smiling.A smile is the best feature of any human. However, missing teeth may make you feel underconfident to smile in front of others. Therefore, you need to fix this issue as soon as possible. The best solution for this concern is partial dentures. Continue reading this article to understand how helpful partial dentures are for missing teeth are.

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Meaning of Dentures:

Dentures are nothing but a set of artificial teeth that is removable as and when required. Dentures are the best solution for replacing missing teeth with artificial ones.

Types of Dentures:

Dentures are of two types:

  1. Full Dentures:

These are nothing but the set of artificial teeth used to replace all the teeth on one or both jaws.

  1. Partial Dentures:

Partial dentures are the artificial replacement for one or several missing teeth. This means, instead of replacing all the original teeth, you can simply fill the gap created by the missing teeth by replacing them with partial dentures.

Benefits of Partial Dentures:

The following are the advantages of partial dentures:

  • It is a less invasive procedure.
  • Helps you regain your full smile.
  • Helps you to eat, chew, and speak properly.
  • It is budget-friendly when compared to any other dental procedure.
  • Makes you feel more confident about your physical appearance.
  • It helps in filling the gaps between the teeth caused due to one or more missing teeth.
  • It is easy to adapt. The report says that people start feeling comfortable with partial dentures just after one or two weeks of regular wear.
  • They are easy to adjust for adding additional teeth in future.

Tips to Follow for Taking Appropriate Care of Partial Dentures:

You need to follow some crucial steps to maintain the optimal condition of your partial dentures:

  • Wear them regularly:

Initially, after you receive the set of partial dentures, you need to put them regularly for a certain period. This will help you to acknowledge if there is any pain or discomfort so that your dentist can make the necessary adjustment. Once you start feeling comfortable with the dentures without any pain or hurt, then you must wear them in the day and remove them in the night to soak them in the water.

  • Appropriate cleaning:

Constant cleaning of the dentures is necessary to avoid any problems in future. Therefore, make sure to soak them inwater at night. Further, brush regularly by using a soft-bristle toothbrush. Do not use regular toothpaste as it may cause damage. Instead, use the denture paste suggested by the dentist.

  • Regular Checkups:

Do go for dental checkups frequently to maintain healthy oral health. Further, your mouth changes as you age which makes it mandatory to adjust the partial dentures. Hence, regular dental checkups will help you avoid any serious problems in the future.

What is the Minimum Cost of the Partial Dentures?

The cost of the partial denture varies widely. It depends on below factors:

  • The exact condition of your mouth,
  • Materials used,
  • Number of replacement teeth,
  • Method of creating dentures.

However, the average cost of partial dentures is generally from $700 to $1800. In case, you have dental insurance, then the plan will pay a part of your total cost.

How to Select the Right Set of Partial Dentures?

Before the placement of the partial dentures, your dentist will consider certain factors, such as:

  • The condition of the remaining teeth and how well they fit together,
  • The anatomy of your mouth, and
  • Your cosmetic goals and requirements.

Further, you also need to discuss with your dentist if you have any metal or acrylic allergies. Based on these factors, the dentist will order the set of partial dentures suitable for you.

Different types of partial dentures are available made from different materials such as metal, plastic, and polymers. Therefore, chose depending on what suits you perfectly.

You can enjoy the benefits of partial dentures only when you take appropriate precautions. In case, the dentures break due to any reason, do not try to fix it yourself at home. Instead, contact your dentist at the earliest and book an appointment.