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Tried CBD but not working for you? Find out the possible reasons

You have been consuming CBD for quite a long but not seeing any results? Getting irritated to hear how everyone is getting benefited from CBD whereas you don’t see any difference in your body. We understand how annoying this could be but before you think about ending your relationship with CBD, it is imperative to know why it is not working for you and why it seems to work on other bodies before let’s talk about what is CBD briefly.

The cannabis plant contains cannabidiol, sometimes known as CBD, which is not psychotropic; meaning it won’t cause you high when you consume it. Contrary to tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) which does give you the feeling of “high,”  CBD is being studied for a variety of potential medical benefits.  All across the world, people have been consuming CBD to treat a variety of illnesses, such as inflammation, pain, anxiety, not being able to sleep, seizures and for many more physical and mental ailments.

Having said that, let’s understand why CBD may not be working for you.

  1. Your CBD product isn’t from a reputable company: Ever since its popularity increased, there are many online businesses and over-the-counter stores which seem to be springing up everywhere in India selling CBD-based products. Sadly, several of these products don’t contain high-quality CBD. Hemp and CBD industry is still quite fresh in India and government intervention is there it will take significant time before everybody is aware of what to know about CBD before trying it out but till then some sellers sell CBD-based products that are of poor quality and have inaccurate labels.
  1. You didn’t give enough time to CBD to acclimatize with your body: Finding the ideal CBD dosage can be challenging. Everyone has a unique biology and thus, everybody will react to the different dosages of CBD. Well, then how then do you decide what dosage is best for you? You could start by finding your “sweet spot” by starting with a low dose and gradually increasing it over time. Some people discover that taking a daily dose can maintain a level of CBD in the body, which may activate the endocannabinoid system to cause it to respond more to cannabinoids like CBD. Some people prefer keeping a journal to record their results. Record the quantity you’ve consumed, your feelings both before and after the dose, as well as any changes in your symptoms. This information will help you analyze the ideal dosage for you.
  1. Different ailments require different: Thanks to the word of mouth marketing, now CBD comes in many forms from CBD oil India which is placed under the tongue to CBD capsules which you just need to pop up. If you have been attempting one delivery method without success, it’s possible that a different type would be more effective for you. Bioavailability is a consideration to take into account because it essentially refers to how much CBD enters your bloodstream. The amount of CBD that enters your system could be low if take CBD capsules because they must pass through your digestive tract before your body can absorb them. In contrast, if you take CBD sublingually—that is, under the tongue—you are allowing CBD oil India to enter your bloodstream right away.

Moreover, your best approach may change based on the kind of relief you need. A topical balm, for instance, won’t help you with your panic episodes. But if you focus on that specific spot, it could be able to provide comfort to your muscles.

What to know before you step into the market to buy CBD-based products?

Use these three suggestions the next time you want to buy a new CBD product to ensure that it fulfils its promises:

Look for proof of independent lab tests: Lab testing can determine the precise amount of CBD in a product, and the test findings should be made public so you may check them out for yourself.

Read customer testimonials: Reviews of brands, delivery times, and customer service are available on google nowadays which should be checked beforehand.

Choose to buy your product from reputable brands: You won’t have to worry about trying to predict whether the brand you’re purchasing is good if you choose a product from a reputable brand like Hempstrol which is backed by the AYUSH ministry and have a license to sell CBD-based products in India.

Increasing one’s tolerance

Just like many other medications and substances, it’s possible to develop a tolerance to CBD. Therefore, if you notice that it’s not functioning as effectively, try taking a break for a few days to reset your system before beginning with a low dose once more.

Be patient: To see the effects of CBD requires more effort than just popping a few pills and calling it a day. To fully understand the long-term benefits of CBD, you truly need to have a certain amount of dedication to CBD. After some time (perhaps a few months), if you are still not experiencing benefits, it could be time to switch brands. Being patient is essential, and although trying again and again without success might be irritating, you can later feel pleased that you maintained your consistency.


You may have heard some people with chronic diseases gush about positive outcomes; for them, it’s one of the very few treatments available that works and you might be wondering why it is showing the same effects on your body. You’re not alone if you’ve tried CBD products and didn’t see any effects, but that doesn’t mean the entire industry is a fraud. Check to see if any of the aforementioned reasons apply to you before you give up on it

When you choose Hempstrol, you will get access to their onboard medical consultation with their cannabis expert-certified clinicians. They will take into your current medical condition before recommending you a dosage of which one to buy CBD oil online India. In case you don’t see any results from the given dosage, they will change it. One cannot find the right dosage of CBD the first time, there is a lot of hit and trials one needs to do to come up with the right dosage. Before using CBD to treat a medical issue, check with your doctor to see if it’s a good fit for you, especially if you’re on other medications.