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Tips for Choosing the Right Size and Weight for Your Weighted Blanket

Weighted blankets are popularly trending among people with mental and sleep disorder. To be effective, it needs to provide enough and an ideal pressure to have a calming effect on its user. It should not provide a pressure that makes the user feel suffocated or uncomfortable.

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If you know the benefits of weighted blanket, you may read on to find the best and recommended size and weight for your ideal weighted blanket.

What is the best weight for a weighted blanket?

A study recommends that the weight of an ideal the blanket should be not be more than 10 per cent of the body weight. Your ideal weighted blanket weight depends on what feels right to you.

An adult can use a weighted blanket of weight that is 10 per cent of his/her weight to get the calming and relaxing effects. This will also benefit them in relieving many mental and sleep disorders.

In case of children and older adults, you must always consult your doctor beforehand to make sure you are choosing the correct weight for them. A child weighing anything less than 15-20 pounds shouldn’t use any kind of weighted blanket.

Also, children below the age of two years-old shouldn’t use these blankets, even if their body weight is over 20 pounds.

The weight of the weighted blankets depends on the filler material used. Generally, it can be filled with grains, rice, pebbles, and other inexpensive material. But the ideal weighted blankets have heavy, reliable, durable, and expensive fillers like glass beads, steel beads, and plastic pellets.

These fillers are suitably heavy, safe, non-toxic, and easy to clean, and have ability to help weighted blankets to exhibit its beneficial features to its users.

How big should your weighted blanket be?

Weighted blankets should appropriately cover your entire body. A too large weighted blanket can hang over the edges of your bed and slide off the bed during the night.

You may pick a weighted blanket of the same size as the mattress you will be sleeping on. While choosing a weighted blanket for your children, keep in mind that they grow fast and hence you must prefer to pick a bit longer blanket than their height.

It is advisable that children under six years old should not use blankets that are longer than 44 inches.

Some safety precautions while choosing a weighted blanket:

  1. Weighted blankets can provide various health benefits like reduced anxiety, calm leg pain disorders, falling asleep faster, deep sleep, relaxation, calmness, and comfort.
  2. It also possesses some potential health and safety risks to some group of people suffering from medical conditions like low blood pressure, respiratory disorder, Type 2 diabetes, sleep apnoea, and asthma.
  3. People with such health risks must consult their doctors before purchasing a weighted blanket for themselves.