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Strategies for Putting Children at Ease in the Dental Chair

No one likes to feel anxious before going to the dentist, but you’re not alone if that’s how you feel. Many adults find visits to the dentist daunting; it’s no wonder that children have a hard time with the experience. It’s natural to be anxious when venturing into the unknown because you can’t possibly know what to anticipate.

It can be tempting to put off a trip to the dentist if your youngster expresses anxiety about the experience. However, regular dental examinations are a crucial element of teaching your child good oral hygiene practices from an early age.

Don’t put off taking your kid to the dentist any longer than necessary; instead, do what you can to ease the process for them. Tips to make a child more at ease visiting the dentist:

Quickly Get Going

Taking kids to the dentist at a young age helps them get comfortable in the setting. Many dental checkups with Denver family dentist often start at around the age of one or when the first teeth appear. Still too little to sit on their own, your youngster will feel safest when you hold them. Your kid will have a favorable association with the dentist and a history of visits before they are even old enough to sit in the chair on their own.

Stay away from the nitty-gritty.

No need to explain the cavity-filling process or the dental drill to your child. Keep things easy when explaining dental procedures to your child. Explain to your kid that the dentist looks at their teeth and gums to make sure they’re healthy. Don’t try to explain dental tools and processes to your child; leave that to your dentist, who has the education and experience to make it all seem simple.

Put the burden of explanation on the dentist.

Dentists receive extensive training on how to treat a wide variety of patients, including young children. Let the dentist or orthodontist show your child the tools used in dental care and explain the process of regular dental exams and cleanings. They will be able to reassure nervous young patients by explaining dental operations in terms they can understand and using age-appropriate visuals.

Your youngster will gain confidence in the dentist when the dentist explains the procedure and what will happen throughout the visit.