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Some of the Commonly Abused Drugs and Information About Them

The commonly abused drugs are meth, heroin, alcohol, marijuana, and cocaine. The damage caused to your health by any of these drugs can be significant. You need to learn more about these drugs and try to understand the possible hazards.

Whether you drink alcohol, smoke marijuana, or snort cocaine, these drugs involve risks that range from a severe addiction to death. It will be easy for you to make better decisions regarding the positive effect of the drugs on your health if you know the risks involved.

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Understanding the effects and serious threats posed by these drugs is the initial step in safeguarding yourself.

  • Marijuana

It is a mild hallucinogen that is derived from the Sativa plant of the cannabis family. It is a commonly abused drug in the USA. It acts as a stimulant of the central nervous system. It increases the heart rate and also blood pressure. Some people may become paranoid when they consume it. It can also dull your memory by making it hard to remember things.

Death caused by smoking marijuana is rare. However habitual marijuana with smoking cigarettes can cause heart disease and cardiovascular issues. Marijuana smokers have a high risk of developing respiratory problems like frequent lung infection and chronic cough.

  • Cocaine

It is an addictive stimulant and is very powerful. When ingested, cocaine gives you a euphoric feeling. A person may or may not feel good about the effect it gives. Some people find it pleasurable and some don’t. The euphoric feeling lasts from around thirty to forty-five minutes.

Cocaine is snorted as a powder or made into rock form. The rock formation is known as crack. It tightens the vessels of the blood and increases the heart rate. Cocaine-related deaths happen due to these cardiovascular effects. You can be killed even if you take small dose of it.

  • Opiates

It includes pharmaceutical painkillers such as codeine and morphine and also street drugs such as heroin. It stimulates the reward center in the brain by acting on the central nervous system. The Reward center controls the pleasurable feelings. Opiates give you a healthy feel like eating or having sex.

High dose of opiates can cause some of the brain critical functions such as breathing either to stop working or slow down. Overdose can make a person go into coma or die. As heroin is commonly injected, it may cause hepatitis and HIV.

Physical and emotional responses to these recreational drugs may vary. It depends on the substance that is being abused and the person consuming it. People suffering from addiction to drugs must understand the effects and be treated as they are also an asset.