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Same Day Crowns in Richmond, IN: What are their Benefits?

Whether you have a decayed or damaged tooth, you may benefit from same day crowns in Richmond, IN. Dental crowns let you reclaim your smile’s beauty and function. But a lot of people do not like the thought of going through a dental process that involves several steps as this requires many appointments. Thankfully, this is not the case with same-day crowns. Here are the benefits of these dental crowns:

Faster Dental Restorations

Before, getting dental crowns was a process that could be completed after several appointments. Before you could get a dental crown, your dentist would make an impression of your tooth and send this to a laboratory where it will be milled. Then, the crown will be sent back to the dentist. In general, this could take weeks. But with same-day dental crowns, sending an impression to a laboratory is not necessary. Providers will utilize advanced technologies to make the impressions and the dental crowns. A CAD-CAM machine and 3D digital scans make it possible to produce dental crowns in just minutes right in your provider’s office. 

Less Drilling

Before dental crowns can be placed, your teeth need to be prepared. Your provider will have to trim the part of the teeth to create a base for the crown. Although a same-day crown still requires trimming your tooth, only a small amount of your tooth is removed. Such a process can make the tooth more durable and stronger.

No Need for Temporary Crowns

When you get traditional crowns, your dentist will place temporary crowns in your mouth for several weeks while your permanent crowns are being made. Eventually, temporary crowns must be taken out once your permanent crowns are ready for placement. But temporary crowns may not fit properly, which makes it difficult to chew. Also, there is a risk of them falling out or breaking. You can avoid such hassles by getting same-day crowns.

They Mimic the Look and Feel of Your Natural Teeth

Your provider will make sure the color, size, and shape of your dental crowns match your natural teeth before bonding them to your teeth. As a result, you will be able to smile without being uncomfortable or feeling self-conscious as your same-day crowns blend in with your natural teeth. 

No Messy Impressions

The traditional way to get impressions of a tooth is by using impression material like alginate. This process involves mixing the material and inserting it into your mouth. After one or two minutes, the material will harden, creating your tooth’s impression. While this process does not hurt, it can be uncomfortable and messy.