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How to make sperm stronger for pregnancy?

When you and your partner have decided to start a family, both male and female fertility are important parameters. If one of you is infertile, the process of conception can be longer. Male fertility is as important as female fertility; almost 50% of men experience infertility. If you and your wife are healthy and fertile, the chances of your wife getting pregnant increase and she may conceive easily. Let’s discuss sperm health and how you can improve your fertility.

Sperm Health

Not only is sperm count enough, but your sperm health also matters to increase the odds of getting pregnant. Various factors can determine sperm health are, including;

Morphology (shape & structure)

Sperm consist of oval heads and long tails; both parts work together and propel the sperms forward. You are more fertile if you have more sperms with the right morphology. If sperms are produce with distorted shape and structure, it may affect the movement of your sperms.


Normally, your semen contains a maximum of 40 to 300 million sperm and a minimum of 10 million sperm per milliliter. If you ejaculate semen with at least 20 million sperm per milliliter, you’re fertile. If you have more semen count, you’re considered more fertile. Low sperm count lowers the chances of getting pregnant because few sperms are available for fertilization.


Sperm shows movement and swimming to reach their target (egg) with the help of women’s cervix, uterus, and fallopian tubes —motility. Your 40% sperm must show movement to fertilize the egg. 

You can see that sperm health is mandatory for conception. There’re some strategies that help to make sperm stronger for pregnancy. 

Healthy diet

Eating healthy food is mandatory to keep our bodies functioning. Likewise, a healthy diet directly influences male fertility. You should eat nutrient-rich food, especially antioxidants, which play a significant role in making sperm stronger. 


Exercise is mandatory to keep the body active and efficient. Studies show that weight lifting and other activities may improve sperm quality. Exercise also may be proven helpful in dropping weight. 

Balanced weight

Man body mass index (BMI) is as important as women’s. Researchers show that overweight men have less sperm count and movement. While weight loss increases the semen volume, sperm movement and makes them stronger. 

Vitamins supplements

Supplements are helpful to increase male fertility. You should use sperm-support supplements. It will help if you consult your doctor before taking supplements. You can use supplements like;

  • Vitamin C & E
  • Vitamin D
  • Co-enzyme Q10
  • D-Aspartic Acid
  • Selenium
  • Mega SporeBiotic

These supplements improve the quantity and movement of sperms.

Manage stress

Stress is the main parameter that affects both male and female fertility. Stress influences hormonal changes in the body, which are required to produce sperm. If you and your wife have been trying to conceive for a long time but failed, please don’t be stressed. Engage yourself in your favorite activities that make you happy. 

Quit alcohol and smoking

Please prefer a decent lifestyle if you want to become a father. Alcohol, smoking, and caffeine reduce sperm quality. You should say goodbye to alcohol, smoking, drugs, and caffeine. 

Protect yourself from toxins

Exposure to toxins such as metals, pesticides, solvents, chemicals can affect sperm health. You should wear a particular protective dress, gloves, and equipment before contacting chemicals. 


Male fertility is also important like female fertility. The chances of becoming a father are reduced if you have low-quality sperm. You’re most likely fertile when your semen contains more than 20 million sperms per milliliter. To fertilize eggs, sperm must be stronger or healthy. Sperm health can be improved by practicing some strategies described above.