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How to Keep Your Skin Healthy and Glowing!

While our primary focus is on the insides of our body, the outmost layer of our body, which is our skin, is armor against the environment. So it is essential to take good care of your skin and keep it healthy. 

Besides providing a protective layer to your inner body, your skin can also act as an indicator to detect your overall health. For example, if you face any vitamin deficiency, your skin will instantly show changes and tell you something may be wrong. 

If you ever notice anything wrong with your skin, whether it be an allergy or infection, seek professional help from Clinique Anti Aging lifting immediately and get it treated. 

However, here are some tips you can implement to keep your skin healthy and glowing daily. 

  • Add good sunscreen to your daily skincare.

Applying sunscreen to your skin is a must in the daytime. The sun’s harsh UV rays can adversely affect your skin, causing brutal sunburns, rashes, or skin cancer. So make sure you apply sunscreen on your skin even if you are not in the sun. 

Apply sunscreen with an SPF of 50 or more for the best results. Sunscreen will act as a protective layer for your skin, battling all the sun’s harmful rays. however, people misunderstand that it will make your sin tan proof, which is not its role

  • Take supplements containing collagen.

Collagen is present in abundance in our boy. However, this complex protein tends to deplete with our increasing age as the cells lose their capacity to produce it. Nevertheless, you can consume collagen supplements in the form of tablets that contain amino acids. 

The tablets boost the growth of your skin cells, hair, and nails. Moreover, other additional ways to stimulate collagen production in your body include ingesting hydrolyzed collagen peptides. These supplements are digested in our stomach and then act on our collagen-producing cells resulting in healthy, firm, and glowing skin.

  • Regular exfoliation

When we say exfoliation, it does not mean rubbing harsh physical scrubs on your skin. This will only damage your skin cells, causing breakout and other skin issues. Instead, light chemical exfoliation like a mild acid cleanser or a toner dissolves your dead skin cells on the surface, producing glowy and healthy skin. 

While performing a chemical exfoliation at home, ensure you are not using very harsh products, especially if your skin is sensitive. This exfoliation helps you remove the dead skin cells, enabling your skin to absorb the skincare products more efficiently.