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How Physiotherapy Can Help Manage Chronic Pain 

Chronic pain is a health condition where pain in one or several body parts lasts for more than three months. This pain often emerges from an injury or illness and does not go away with the help of medication. Chronic pain can disrupt your everyday functioning and result in fatigue. There are certain factors that influence pain, including genetics, medical history, lifestyle, etc. 

Fortunately, one of the best ways to manage and treat chronic pain is physiotherapy. The exact cause of chronic pain is unknown, which is why it is difficult to make it go away completely. However, physical therapy can make a huge difference. Consult with a Réadaptation Mobile Physiotherapy expert today. 

Why does chronic pain happen?

Chronic pain can happen for various reasons. While the root cause of chronic is never known, it usually arises after an injury or an illness. Chronic pain can also be a result of certain medical conditions, such as asthma, cancer, arthritis, acid reflux, and nerve damage. When the body takes too long to heal after an injury and becomes sensitive, that is called chronic pain. 

The main difference between chronic and acute pain is that acute pain only lasts for a few days to a couple of months, not more than three months. Your body begins to heal, and the pain can usually be managed with over-the-counter medication. 

However, chronic pain lasts for more than three months and does not reduce. It is persistent pain and interferes with the daily activities of the individual. The pain varies in intensity every time it occurs. It is important to note that chronic pain can also be the result of depression, anxiety, and nervousness. 

How can physiotherapy treat chronic pain?

Physiotherapy can treat chronic pain in the following ways: 

  • Patient education: It helps the patient understand chronic pain and how it can be managed. 
  • Manual therapy: Lack of movement can cause stiffness in your muscles and worsen your condition. Your physiotherapist can help you with manual therapy to restore mobility. 
  • Exercise therapy: Many patients do not participate in exercises due to the fear of worsening the pain. Physiotherapists can recommend exercises that are pain-free and pain-reducing. Moreover, these exercises are specifically designed to get patients mobile again. 

Get help today!

If you have been suffering from persistent pain that seems unending, a specialist can carry out the medical, physical, and psychological aspects of your pain and determine the perfect treatment plan. To learn how to better cope with your pain, visit a clinic today.