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How Do Clear Braces Work?

In today’s world, aesthetics and how things appear are important to people. It is the same in the case of smile aesthetics, and that is why people look for alternatives to braces to have straighter teeth. In such cases, clear braces are the winner.

Clear braces are ceramic braces that are a popular choice for orthodontic treatment. They use brackets and wires like traditional metal braces to shift your teeth into proper positions. But they are made of transparent material, which makes them less visible and look more aesthetic. Get your clear braces in Lawton, OK, today to upgrade your smile aesthetics.

How do clear braces work?

Some people indeed find traditional braces to degrade their aesthetics due to metal brackets and wires covering up their smile. The person does not have to wear the traditional braces for a  lifetime as it is a temporary process and will surely improve the smile aesthetics when the treatment is over. Still, people prefer something less visible on their teeth, which is why researchers discovered clear braces for them.

The working process of clear braces is the same as metal braces. Your orthodontist will fix the brackets to your teeth connected by a wire. The wire will then gradually tighten to shift your teeth into the desired position. The only main difference between traditional and clear braces is the material they are made up of. Clear braces are made of ceramic material, while traditional braces are made of stainless steel. They are liked by people who do not want to have a mouth filled with metal wires. 

Clear braces can last for the duration of the treatment and are more comfortable than traditional braces because they do not rub against your lips and cheeks. They are used to treat conditions like overbite, crooked teeth, and overcrowding. Commonly it is used to close gaps between the teeth. Clear braces require the same amount of care as traditional braces. Brushing and flossing regularly are important to keep your teeth and gums healthy during the treatment. Avoid eating hard and sticky foods as they can damage the braces. 

How much do clear braces cost?

Cost is an important consideration for all people who want to install braces. Well, to be accurate, no one can determine the cost without consulting a dentist.

In the beginning, your dentist will examine your teeth and take X-rays. After that, they will be able to give you an accurate cost of installing the clear braces.