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Here Are 6 Incredible Benefits Of Owning An Electric Bed

Earlier associated with hospital beds, electric beds have become the most popular choice among individuals of all ages today. They not only provide maximum comfort and convenience but also come in a variety of modern styles and patterns. Here is an overview of some of the many benefits electric beds have over traditional non-adjustable beds.

What Are Electric Beds?

Electric beds are adjustable beds that allow users to change the upper and lower body positions and the bed’s height. By allowing the users to adjust the position of the bed frame, electric beds assist them in sleeping in a posture they are most comfortable in. Since many medical illnesses develop due to insufficient sleep or uncomfortable sleeping positions, electric beds also aid in treating these medical conditions by boosting the comfort level. 

Top 6 Benefits of Electric Beds

Sleeping on electric beds can provide you numerous benefits such as:

  1. Improved sleep: By allowing you to adjust the bed in whatever position you like, electric beds ensure that you get the best sleep possible. Most electric beds feature foam-based mattresses that give excellent support for the entire body while you sleep. As a result, they are exceptionally soft and adaptable, giving you everything you want for a restful night’s sleep.
  1. Pain relief: Adjustable electric beds can bring you temporary relief from joint pain and body ache. By modifying the bed position, you can place the bed frame at an angle that provides the most comfort. Sleeping in a proper position improves blood flow and circulation, which helps to relieve pain. You can also opt for electric beds with inbuilt massage features that would further soothe aching joints.  
  1. Independence: Electric beds can help persons with mobility issues maintain their independence. They allow them to move their bed to the most comfortable position at the push of a button, without any assistance from anybody else. Using these easy-to-use controls, they can easily adjust their beds in different angles and heights, which helps in keeping them comfortable when they spend long periods in bed. 
  1. Improves blood circulation: The quality of blood flow and circulation has a significant impact on the quality of your sleep. At the time of sleeping, the stressed regions of the body exert a certain pressure which disrupts blood flow and, as a result, decreases sleep quality. When you sleep on an electric bed, you may sleep in positions that lower pressure and enable more blood and oxygen to circulate throughout your body. This would go a long way in improving the quality of your sleep. 
  1. Improves digestion: The digestion process does not stop even when you sleep. According to studies, laying flat while sleeping slows the digestive process, which is why many individuals wake up with troubled stomachs. With the luxury to adjust your bed frame, you can sleep in a position that ensures the digestion process continues smoothly while you sleep.
  1. Convenience: Electric adjustable beds have a lot of benefits, one being their convenience. You have complete control over your placement with an adjustable bed. If you share the bed with someone, dual adjustable beds can let you find your most comfortable position without waking your partner. This is especially handy if you and your partner prefer to sleep in different positions. Adjustable electric beds also assist in avoiding neck and back pain caused due to sitting in improper postures while watching TV or reading a book in bed.


Who Could Benefit From An Electric Bed?

Electric beds are recommended for persons who suffer from certain medical conditions or who simply have trouble sleeping comfortably owing to discomfort in bed. In particular, it is beneficial for:

  1. People with mobility issues: Electric beds are beneficial to those with mobility challenges because they allow them to alter the bed position to suit their needs without the aid of others. These beds also give people extra support whether they are sitting or resting in bed.
  1. People with swelling complaints: In certain conditions that result in swelling, like edema, body fluids gather in the lower limbs, such as the feet and ankles. In such cases, the patients must keep their afflicted limbs in an elevated position to release pressure, improve blood circulation and thus, reduce swelling. In this regard, electric beds provide a lot of relief by keeping the affected limbs lifted throughout the night or as and when needed.
  1. People having arthritis: Arthritis is a condition in which the joints become inflamed, resulting in a lot of swelling. By providing a certain degree of elevation, electric beds help in reducing the swelling. Various electric beds also come with massage functions which can further help with pain and muscle soreness.
  1. People with chronic pain: Electric beds can give significant help to persons suffering from chronic pain by allowing them to sleep in a variety of positions to suit their needs.
  1. People with respiratory issues and snoring: When compared to sleeping in a horizontal posture, sleeping in an elevated position enhances oxygen flow during sleep hours. This helps to alleviate breathing illnesses such as asthma. Snoring is caused by lying flat when sleeping because it exerts pressure on the windpipe. Hence, sleeping in a raised position can also reduce snoring. 

If you suffer from any of these problems or have difficulties sleeping well, consider investing in an electric bed and reaping its numerous benefits!