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COVID-19: How To Stay Safe And Help In Preventing It From Spreading

Everyone had probably experienced how difficult life has been when the coronavirus started spreading all over the world. When it was at its peak, governments and healthcare workers had to work together to contain the virus and prevent it from further spreading. Several laws, such as wearing masks and lockdowns, were imposed.

With the continuous efforts of medical experts, vaccines were finally developed. These vaccines are not meant to immunise people from being infected with COVID. However, they offer a significant amount of protection from experiencing the deadly symptoms of the virus if ever you get infected. 

The developments and the relaxation of some health protocols are proof that most of the countries have already adjusted and have been doing a better job in containing the virus. But despite all these, it is known that the threat of COVID-19 is still very much present. Additionally, the virus is continuously mutating into various strains. Among those is the Delta variant, known to be more easily transmitted and the most contagious of all. 

For this reason, the government of the UK still encourages people to help prevent COVID-19 from spreading.  The virus is transmitted through the air by droplets. This is why the government still promotes wearing masks as part of your protection and the people around you. Apart from this, everyone is highly encouraged to get vaccinated. Having a full dose of the COVID vaccine could help not only you and others stay safe but also the health professionals in assisting you in case you get infected. 

Lastly, taking tests such as PCR test, rapid antigen test for travel, or fit to fly COVID test before flying out of the country or if you feel any COVID symptoms could help prevent the virus from further spreading. Along with this, you are advised to self-isolate no matter how mild your symptoms may be. 

Following these simple steps could save you and the people around you from contracting COVID. And if you need help with the testings, you can always contact Harley Medic International. Our team will assist you and make all of the processes you need to go through easier for you.