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BlueChew Review: See What Men Have Experienced With This Service

If you’re looking up BlueChew reviews, it may be because you know that the company offers men an easy way to get their erectile dysfunction (ED) medication.  But how did they get BlueChew? Was the company able to help them? We’ll look at what people have to say about this company and why so many men are drawn to its benefits.

What Is BlueChew?

If you’re asking yourself, “What is BlueChew?”, it’s a delivery prescription service that works with licensed medical professionals to get you the medicine you need. BlueChew essentially answers some of the more practical questions about how men can take prescriptions for an extremely common medical condition. ED impacts half of all men, and the odds only go up after they age past 40.

However, not everyone has an easy way to get this medication. They might live far from their provider or may prefer not to run into their friends when picking up a prescription at their local pharmacy.

How does BlueChew work? BlueChew lets members take care of everything online. All men have to do is fill out a profile and set up an online consultation with a licensed medical professional. Once they’re approved, they can select a plan and then get their medication in the mail. Wrapped in discreet packaging, BlueChew removes many of the practical issues that might stand in the way of getting treatment.

What Kind of Medication Is Offered Through BlueChew?

BlueChew doesn’t refer to the name of the tablets that the company distributes. Rather, it refers to a service that supplies men with non-branded ED medication. There are no such things as BlueChew pills, but rather chewable tablets that make it easy for anyone to consume quickly.

There are two types of prescriptions that a man might take if they sign up through BlueChew: Sildenafil (active ingredient in Viagra) and Tadalafil (active ingredient in Cialis).

BlueChew offers different plans based on the severity of the symptoms that a man might have as well as their personal preferences. Throughout it all, members work with licensed medical professionals who can give them a better idea of how to select a plan that will work best for them.

BlueChew Review: Why the Service Works for Its Users

BlueChew has helped many people resolve their own specific problems when it comes to treating their ED. Some people don’t mind talking to their regular provider about a condition like ED, but they would prefer not to have to drive 50 minutes each way to the office for an appointment.

Other members might want to avoid their local pharmacist because they play golf with them every other month. Some people just don’t want to swallow pills if they don’t have to. BlueChew is also more affordable than name-brand medications.

The company gives them options to take care of everything without having to see people they know or take unwieldy, large pills that choke them.

Does BlueChew Keep Members’ Information Safe?

Yes. BlueChew is exceptionally diligent to ensure private health data remains confidential. The company also only works with pharmacists and providers who share the same values. When many men sign up for this service precisely because they don’t want their business being broadcast, this is a top priority for the staff.

Will All Men Be Able to Sign Up for This Service?

Not all men are eligible for this service. There are two major barriers that can hold someone back:

  • Regulations: Because telemedicine laws vary per state, BlueChew is not available in North Dakota or South Carolina.
  • Health history: ED medication may have adverse effects on men if they have certain conditions, such as heart disease. If you have any concerns about your health, one of BlueChew’s providers can tell you more about the right path forward for you.

If you live in a state that doesn’t allow BlueChew, please note that the company is working on becoming available there. Men can sign up to be notified if they become eligible for the service.

ED can have plenty of consequences for men, and not all of them are obvious at the beginning. Getting treatment for it is a smart way to improve relationships and take one more stress off your plate.