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Bid Bye to Breakouts!: Your Ultimate Guide to AGNES Acne Treatment in Singapore

Dealing with acne breakouts can be a rollercoaster ride of emotion. All the medications, treatments, and visits to your dermatologist can seem like forever—acne removal can be frustrating. Of course, because treating acne comes in stages; there is no cure overnight. 

First you will feel positive and hopeful when you see a promising new anti-acne medicine or treatment. You will try it and get a bit frustrated and somewhat annoyed when it does not work as expected, but you will not give up just yet – you will push through for days, weeks, and months until you realize that your acne is not getting any better. The tiny seed of frustration will blossom forth into full-blown exasperation. You will either go back to your dermatologist asking for advice or you will look online for other products or treatments to try. The results, sadly, remain the same – zero improvement. You will feel anger, resentment, and disappointment at varying levels. Then one day you will wake up and just feel numb, not feeling anything, and not caring if the acne is still there or if it worsens – until you stumble upon another miracle cure that guarantees your desired results. You will get your hopes up (again) and the vicious cycle continues. Is it an all-too familiar narrative? If the answer is yes, it means you have not found The Right One yet, or just have not tried AGNES Acne Permanent Removal in Singapore.

AGNES is the answer to your acne troubles. AGNES is a radiofrequency energy-based permanent acne treatment developed by a Korean dermatologist, Dr. Gun Young Ahn, with the help of Japanese scientists. Read on below to know more about this cutting-edge technology. 

How does AGNES work?

To the untrained ears, AGNES may sound like the name of a person, but it is not. AGNES is a device that uses insulated radio frequency micro needles that can penetrate different skin layers with precise pulse and duration controlled by radio frequency energy. Given this technological advantage, AGNES is capable of targeting the hyperactive sebaceous gland (which is the culprit for chronic acne) and other cosmetic issues like blackheads, bumps, wrinkles, fine lines and fats underneath the eyes (eye bags) and the chin. 

Why is AGNES considered a revolutionary treatment for acne?

Prior to the creation of AGNES, dermatology researchers in Japan have found that for some acne patient, pimples kept in appearing on the same part of the face repeatedly. This puzzled the researchers, especially when the pimples appear on the same exact locations. To solve the mystery, they used advanced digital mapping technology on some test subjects and what they saw was the beginning of an interesting discovery – that of thousands of pores on the face, there are same pores (about a few hundred in their count) that gets blocked over and over again. They also noted that these few hundred pores were the reason for about 80 to 90% of acne breakouts.

Their conclusion? That damaged pores are to be blamed for recurrent acne in adults. Due to their damaged nature, these pores are prone to being blocked. Regular pores can cope with the oiliness of the skin, but the damaged ones cannot, and with the overproduction of sebum, they end up getting clogged. And the rest, as you know, is history.

By targeting these damaged/clogged pores specifically, the researchers were able to eliminate more than 83% of the non inflamed acne and more than 93% of inflamed acne after subjecting the patient to three treatment sessions for a year. After that, there were no acne breakouts from the damaged pores for about a year after the last treatment. And most patients remained acne-free, with only less than one-fifth of patients requiring another treatment.

How to check if AGNES treatment in Singapore is right for you

There is no doubt about the effectiveness of AGNES as an acne treatment, but the thing is, not everyone is a suitable candidate for AGNES. Before you undergo the treatment, your doctor will assess the condition of your acne and ask you several questions to determine if AGNES is right for you:

  • Do you have certain pimples on your face that appear on the exact same spot repeatedly while the rest of the skin on your face is acne-free?
  • Have you tried conventional acne treatments/medication with some considerable level of success, only for the acne breakout to return when you stopped the treatment/medication?
  • Are your pores constantly clogged with sebum, dirt, or dead skin cells that cause acne and blackheads?
  • Are you pregnant or unsuitable for conventional acne treatments due to existing medical condition/s?

What are the key benefits of AGNES?

AGNES is so precise that its needles target a specific depth in the skin without causing thermal damage to the surrounding tissue, structure, and epidermis during the course of the treatment. It offers a quick, painless, safe, and minimal risk option to eliminate recurring acne. 

The results of the AGNES treatment are permanent, so you can also consider it as an investment, not just in money but in time and resources as well!

Is there downtime?

AGNES acne treatment is called lunch time procedure because it only takes about 30 minutes to complete. This means you can get the treatment during your lunch break and be back at the office in time for work. There might be some mild swelling and redness on the treated area, but these post-treatment effects do not last for too long – they are gone in three to four days.

How many treatments will I need?

You will see visible improvements immediately after a single treatment and while the results may be permanent, this does not mean that a single treatment will address the problem. Depending on the severity of a patient’s acne, AGNES is so precise that its needles target a specific depth in the skin without causing thermal damage to the surrounding tissue, structure, and epidermis during the course of the treatment, the recommended program is composed of two to three AGNES treatment sessions for better results.

It is also important to note that the results may vary depending on how your skin reacts to the treatment. Majority of patients achieve optimum results (full clearance) after undergoing three sessions while some others may need additional touch-up sessions to achieve full clearance.


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