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All That You Must Know About COVID-19 Testing

Most businesses find themselves in an unusual dilemma and trying to keep their doors open while protecting the safety of their staff and customers. Many employers wish to regularly test their staff in addition to mask use, physical separation, and washing and sanitising on a regular basis.

Finding and understanding the information that is available on how to accomplish this properly, however, can be intimidating, particularly for a small business owner working alone.

Since March 2020, Health Clic doctors have assisted both private patients and companies in reacting to the Covid-19 outbreak situation in London, UK.

Since then, they have offered medical guidance and Covid-19 testing to clients who required it for regular testing of home personnel, to safeguard vulnerable family members, or for many bigger corporate clients working in crucial industries or wishing to safely return employees to work.

Covid-19 testing packages available for businesses

The Covid-19 packages for enterprises include not only Covid-19 testing for the live virus, which includes PCR and lateral flow (rapid antigen) testing, but also doctor-led consulting services, enabling firms to obtain the most secure guidance and return-to-work plans.

Every case is different, and employers frequently require a return-to-work plan after a successful Covid-19 case.

The experts offer specific guidance daily for a wide range of questions as given below:

  • How often should you test your employees for Covid-19 symptom, and when?
  • How can lateral flow testing required for Covid-19 can help your business?
  • When can staff return back to their work after self-isolating?
  • Do all staff require to self-isolate if any one person develops symptoms or unfortunately tests positive for Covid-19 conducted by PCR swab?
  • Do Covid-positive patients need to self-isolate longer in case a family member develops certain new symptoms?
  • Can patients still test positive for this Covid-19 virus (or be contagious) after the necessary recommended self-isolation period?
  • What should be done if the patient has already completed the self-isolation period, but still showing symptoms?

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Receive advice from doctor regarding COVID-19

The doctors typically adhere to CQC guidance that tests, medical advice, and results should be supplied based on the following information about the patient rather than lone testing services, which can frequently leave businesses in the dark:

  • History of the patient
  • Clinical signs of the patient
  • Symptoms shown by the patient
  • Epidemiological risk factors.

Services available to all business clients regarding COVID-19 packages are as mentioned below:

  • Repeat Covid-19 PCR and also lateral flow testing of all asymptomatic employees onsite at the offices, which is Public Health England approved
  • Virtual GP appointments available to offer advice regarding any new cold, flu or symptoms of Covid-19
  • Medical advisory service to each business client to advise on various “Covid-secure” policies needed in the workplace
  • Doctor-led support needed for back-to-work strategies, which also includes steps to take after a positive PCR report received for Covid-19 testing
  • Covid-19 Abbott and Roche antibody testing is also available to employees which is approved by Public Health England.

All Covid-19 PCR test results, along with lateral flow test results, and patient telephone/mobile numbers must now be shared with NHS Test & Trace, and also Public Health England.