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7 Signs You Need a Root Canal Therapy in Irvine

Root canal therapy is a safe and potent way to relieve pain. This procedure treats an infected, decayed, or diseased tooth. With the help of a dentist in Irvine, you can get the desired results. But when should you go for it?

Here are the signs that indicate you need a root canal therapy: 

  • Persistent Toothache

Persistent toothache can be a big sign that you need root canal therapy. The pain you feel on the tooth surface or deep inside your jaw and bone should be examined by a dentist. 

  • Oversensitivity to Hot or Cold Drinks and Food

If hot drinks and cold food cause discomfort to your teeth, maybe your nerves are exposed and damaged. Hot and cold liquids tend to get inside the tiny holes formed due to some dental health disorders. They irritate the exposed nerves, which induces their reaction to the pain sensation. A root canal treatment can help to control this pain. 

  • One or More Discolored Teeth

If you can see one or more discolored teeth, it may indicate your teeth pulp having an infection. Tooth pulp infections may decrease blood flow, which kills nerves and teeth. A root canal treatment can remove the infection. 

  • One or More Damaged Teeth

Cracked and chipped teeth expose the sensitive interior and nerves of your teeth, which cause infection. A dentist may suggest a root canal treatment to remove and restore oral health if an infection occurs because of a broken tooth. 

  • Inflamed Gums or Bump in a Gum Area

A dentist uses inflamed gums to check if you have problems below the surface. Decreased tissues and waste products may cause swelling. If the swelling deteriorates, it can develop into a boil, also called a “tooth abscess,” which may require a combination of surgery and root canals for fixing. 

  • Tooth Ache When Getting Pressure

You may feel pain when eating, brushing, or putting pressure on your teeth, which indicates nerve or tooth damage. If the pain due to pressure persists, it indicates infection, which requires root canal treatment. 

  • A Loose Tooth

A loose tooth indicates a severe infection that has spread to other mouth areas. Visit a dentist to get the right treatment and protect other mouth areas.  A root canal treatment can work if you have minor tooth mobility. If the condition gets severe, you may need dental surgery. 

The Bottomline

You need root canal therapy if you can see any of the signs above. Consult the best dentist in your area who can perform this treatment well to deliver the desired results.