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5 Tips on How You Can Maximize Your Fat Burn When Swimming Going Into 2022

Swimming is a great exercise that offers you plenty of health benefits without straining your joints. Weight loss is one of the most significant benefits of swimming. People have woken up to the fact that swimming can help in weight loss as effectively as running. Water offers more resistance than air. Water also cools your body. You can swim for a longer time than you can run.

You can burn more fat by making slight changes to your swimming schedule and routine. We give you 5 tips on how to alter your swimming technique for maximum weight loss.

Swim early in the morning.

It is best to swim when your body is in a fasting stage early in the morning. In this stage, your body will utilise your fat reserves for the energy required for swimming. Swimming is also a stress reliever. You can enjoy a stress-free start to your day if you swim early in the morning. You also have the satisfaction of completing your quota of exercise at the start of the day. An early morning swim will also leave you more energized for the rest of your day.

You can set a routine if you swim early in the morning. A routine is essential for fat burning. After a long day, you may or may not have the energy and inclination for swimming.

But there is a downside to swimming early in the morning. Swimming will leave you feeling terribly hungry. If you are not careful, you may end up overeating after your swimming session. This will lead to weight gain. For best results have a moderate breakfast after your swimming session

2.Learn new strokes.

When you begin swimming your body will burn calories faster. But over a period, your body gets used to the routine and the calorie reduction slows down. To avoid this, learn new strokes for burning fat.

The butterfly stroke burns the most calories. Breast stroke and freestyle are also known to burn calories. The butterfly stroke is difficult to master. Breast stroke is comparatively easy and suitable for most people. These strokes tone the entire body.

Find a technique that your body is comfortable with. Join a class to learn new techniques. Joining a class will allow you to gain mastery over various strokes. An instructor will also help you to create a structure in your workout. Straining your body to learn new strokes is a great way to lose weight. Once you have learnt various strokes you can use them alternatively to prevent boredom from setting in.

3.Be Consistent.

When you are swimming for leisure, you can jump into the pool and lounge around. But swimming for weight loss is not so easy. You need to have some goals and a schedule when your intention is to lose calories through swimming.

Set an aim to swim for at least 5 days a week for weight reduction. You should start slowly. If you are not used to swimming then performing vigorous laps may over strain your body. Start slowly then build up the intensity and duration of the laps.

Start with a ten-minute swim. Then build up the duration as your body becomes more comfortable. Begin by swimming slow laps then switch to vigorous laps.

You should also concentrate on the rest period between laps. If your rest period is short then your heart rate remains high for a longer period. You end up burning more calories. When you are swimming to lose calories you should not spend more than 10% of your time in the pool on rest.

Take stock of your performance from time to time. Count your laps. Increase the number and intensity of your laps over time. Change your benchmarks according to improvement in your performance. Set realistic goals.

You can also use techniques like interval training to make your swimming routine interesting. This technique involves swimming a lap in a relaxed form and then following it up with a vigorous swim for another lap.

4.Use of Equipment.

Before you start your swimming routine you will need basics like comfortable swimwear, a cap and correct fitting swimming goggles.

You can use various tools to bring variety to your swimming. Water cuffs, water dumbbells, aqua jogger belt and versa tube are some equipment you can use to improve your exercise routine. You can also use pool noodles, resistance fins, kick boards and a water jogging belt for different exercises in your pool.

It is not necessary that you should always swim in laps to burn calories. You can do different exercises like water jogging and water aerobics. If you are trying to lose belly fat then you can try exercises like water crunches and wall grabs. Water offers more resistance than air. If done correctly exercises in the swimming pool will burn more fat than those done on land.

5.Motivation and mental strength.

You need to stay motivated in your swimming routine. Complacency could set in when you become comfortable with the speed and intensity of your routine. This will result in a reduction in the fat-burning process. You will have to fight the urge to laze in the pool. The pool should be looked at as seriously as you would go to your gym.

If you find it hard to exercise alone then enlist the help of a friend. Swimming relaxes your mind. You need to focus on the present while swimming.

If you are doing specific exercises in the pool then you need to focus on the muscles involved in the exercises. You can focus on the sensations of your body when you are in the pool. This will allow you to associate swimming with happiness. You will start enjoying swimming and it will give you a lot of mental peace.

Swimming is suitable for all age groups. Knowing Which Pool Size Is The Best For You is important, whether that is a large lap pool or a small plunge pool. Children and senior citizens can also lose weight from swimming. Fibreglass pools have a smooth surface which makes it safe to do all forms of exercises in the pool.