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3 Common Sexual Problems in Men and How to Overcome Them

Just as a person gets a headache, a cold, or fever, one could also suffer from a sexual disorder. Men’s sexual health problems are more common than one would think and can be cured with the proper treatment, foods, drinks, male sexual health supplementsand exercise. However, talking about personal health may be a bit overwhelming for some people. So, in this article, let’s discuss some common sexual problems in males and how to overcome them.

  • Erectile Dysfunction:

Erectile dysfunction refers to lacking the physical ability to maintain an erection during intercourse. It is also commonly known as impotence. This usually happens if the penis does not get the required blood flow. Further, it could be due to an underlying cardiac or vascular issue. In some cases, psychological problems can also contribute to impotence. Stress, an unhappy relationship, lack of comfort, and more are equally common causes of erectile dysfunction. Men who may be on medication for another health concern can also experience erectile dysfunction as a side effect of the medicine.

No matter the reason, talking to a doctor can be advised. It can be hard to diagnose the right cause for impotence. However, the doctor can run the necessary tests and identify the right treatment for improved male sexual healthFurther, consulting a therapist to work on emotional factors like stress, relationship issues, depression, etc., can also be helpful. Some professionals may also recommend yoga, breathing exercises, and relaxation techniques.

  • Ejaculation issues:

Premature or delayed ejaculations can both negatively impact sexual life. Premature ejaculation can be more common in younger men. In most cases, it is normal and goes away with time and experience. Some older men may also suffer from it due to psychological factors. 

Other than this, premature ejaculation may be a warning sign for erectile dysfunction, too. Therefore, it should not be ignored. Having said that, if the cause is a psychological one, a sex therapist may be able to improve sexual health for men without any medicationHowever, it can never hurt to see a doctor.

Delayed ejaculation, on the other hand, can be caused by nerve damage. This could also be an indication of thyroid disease. But, in most cases, it could just be a lack of enough sexual stimulation. Similar to premature ejaculation, delayed ejaculation can also be treated by a sex therapist. However, it may be advised to get basic tests done by a doctor.

  • Low testosterone:

Low levels of testosterone can create a lack of desire to have sex. It could also lead to erectile dysfunction, depression, and a general lull in male sexual health. Younger men may have high testosterone levels compared to older men, as testosterone is usually at its peak at the age of 18. It gradually declines after that. However, the male body is able to produce enough through life to enjoy a healthy sex life. 

Some men may experience a testosterone drop because of certain medications, a high body fat percentage, or a testicular injury. Taking supplements as prescribed by a doctor can help. Men can also have natural testosterone boosters, such as Amore – For Him. This Sipwise drink contains Gokshur, Fenugreek¸ and strawberry – all of which are vegan and natural aphrodisiacs. The scientifically evaluated and clinically tested formula can be a natural way to improve testosterone levels, elevate mood, and increase libido in men.

Apart from this, the drink can also be useful in improving sexual life and vigour. Being overworked, struggling with life’s responsibilities, stress, and other aspects of a fast-paced life can impact mood. Lack of exercise further lowers stamina and weakens muscles. Amore – For Him can be a simple way to address all of these concerns. 

To sum it up

Men’s sexual health problems do not necessarily have to be the end of intimacy. More often than not, simple treatments like therapy, male sexual health supplementsexercise, relaxation techniques, consuming natural aphrodisiacs, and eating a healthy diet can do the trick.

Many a time, partners struggling to connect with each other can also be the primary reason behind many of these issues. A relationship counsellor may help in such a case. However, if the problem seems grave, it may be strongly advised to see a doctor, as there could be an underlying cause or illness resulting in poor sexual health.